Operations & IS Department

It's one thing to create complex information systems and processes. It's another thing to know how to manage them in a way that makes a business more efficient, effective, and competitive. Employees with these skills are considered invaluable assets to any company. That's why demand for employees trained in Information Systems (IS) and Operations Management (OM) is skyrocketing and why positions in these fields are some of America's best paying jobs.

Information Systems

Whether in health care, manufacturing, or retail, almost every aspect of any business relies on information systems. IS students will learn how to effectively manage the technical direction of business, solve technological issues, and implement new technological advances and strategy into day-to-day operations so that the business can achieve a competitive advantage in the market.

Operations Management

Almost all major companies have complex operations which need to be managed well to maximize company profits. OM students will learn how to manage such operations by studying a wide range of topics including supply chain management, project management, process control and improvement, quality management, the Six Sigma business improvement methodology, inventory management, planning, scheduling, forecasting, and simulation.