Marketing Department

The world of ideas, products and services gets noisier and noisier every day. So how can a business rise above all that so its message can be heard?

That is the genius of marketing. Marketing students at the David Eccles School of Business learn how to effectively analyze competitive markets and predict how consumers process information and make brand decisions. Then they learn how to develop persuasive marketing and product management strategies that deliver value to customers and manage beneficial relationships  for the organization and its stakeholders.

Faculty in the Department of Marketing expose students to the latest theories through courses ranging from Marketing Research and Consumer Behavior,  to Advertising and International Marketing. Students then test their knowledge in the real world through our Internship Program, plus network with alumni and leading employers to ensure they’re meeting all the right people.

A marketing education from the David Eccles School of Business gives you a competitive advantage in one of the largest areas of employment opportunity in business today.