Management Department

Learning to Lead; Leading to Inspire

In the world of business, managers are a critical element of the workforce. Effective organizations require leaders who understand and can shape organizational culture, can adapt to or inspire change, can identify and implement effective strategies, and are capable of coordinating and facilitating the efforts of others to accomplish organizational goals. 

The undergraduate management degree in the David Eccles School of Business is designed to provide management majors with a deeper understanding of leadership, and a broad conceptual understanding of the challenges managers and leaders face in the 21st century. A degree in management gives graduates the advantage they need to succeed in competitive business environments.

Sure, the modern business environment is increasingly competitive. But by graduation, our students are well prepared to succeed in any field.

Undergraduate Management Degrees

In the David Eccles School of Business at the University of Utah, students pursuing an undergraduate degree in management choose from one of four possible degree plans: the Bachelor of Science in Management; the Bachelor of Arts in Management; the Bachelor of Science in Management – Honors; or the Bachelor of Arts in Management – Honors. The degree requires a minimum of 122 credit hours, including general education and university Bachelor degree requirements, lower- and upper-division core business courses, and a variety of major-specific courses that examine the theoretical frameworks and practical applications for exploring and explaining human behavior in the workplace.

For more information about the management major (including application procedures, degree plans, and course descriptions) visit Undergraduate Advising Services in Spencer Fox Eccles Business Building, Room 1120 - 801-581-7853 or check out our website.

The Eccles MBA

Leadership and management curriculum are engrained into the core coursework of all of our top-notch MBA programs. People who leave our graduate programs, whether they are shifting careers via our full-time program or already top business leaders leaving one of our professional programs,  gain a rich set of skills to add value to any firm. To compare all of our MBA programs or request information visit here.

A Focus on Organizational Leadership

Many of our students - undergraduates and graduate - are motivated by an in-depth exploration of organizational leadership, and demonstrate an interest in developing the skills to inspire, motivate, and lead others to accomplish organizational objectives. As management always involves people, our courses emphasize the most recent theories concerned with human behavior, along with current, innovative practices that cultivate leaders who can adapt to rapidly changing business climates. Our graduates are prepared to assume leadership roles that are essential in tackling a myriad of professional challenges tomorrow, as well as the uncertainty confronting organizations today.

Engaged & Award-Winning Faculty

Professors in the David Eccles School of Business don’t simply teach from a textbook. Our faculty members are actively engaged in cutting-edge research and the quest for innovative approaches that solve real-world problems and keep them at the forefront of business knowledge and trends.  Management professors share their expertise and their commitment to innovation in the classroom and students reap the benefits. 

Over the past 10 years, a majority of faculty from the Department of Management have earned prestigious honors in recognition of their exceptional teaching.  Our management professors have received numerous teaching awards including the Marvin Ashton Excellence in Teaching Award, the Brady Superior Teaching Award, the Doctoral Faculty Teaching Excellence Award and the University of Utah Distinguished Teaching Award, to name a few.