Low Income Taxpayer Clinic

Welcome To The University of Utah Low Income Taxpayer Clinic

The University of Utah Low Income Taxpayer Clinic provides the opportunity for David Eccles School of Business accounting students to provide free assistance to low income taxpayers in resolving federal income tax issues and to represent those taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service in audit, appeals, and collection issues, and federal tax litigation. The clinic also provides students the opportunity to teach tax-related information to taxpayers who speak English as a second language. The program is housed in the School of Accounting of the David Eccles School of Business under the direction of Professor David Plumlee. Accounting students work under the supervision of Michael Blackburn, JD and adjunct faculty, to provide these community services. Funding for the clinic is provided through a competitive matching grant process with the Internal Revenue Service. In addition to providing a valuable service to the community at-large, the clinic enhances our students' experiences by providing them with a value-added service-learning opportunity.

We Can Help

  • Represent qualifying taxpayers in controversy issues before the IRS
  • Assist taxpayers in becoming compliant under IRS rules and regulations
  • Provide community workshops and outreach programs educating taxpayers on issues such as the earned income tax credit, filing requirements, or dependency exemptions

Our Services

The UULITC can help you to file your delinquent tax returns or amend previously filed returns. However, you need to have a letter from the IRS in order for us to take your case. If you are unable to show us a copy of your IRS letter, then we will be unable to help you to resolve your conflict. If you are not sure if you have the correct correspondence from the IRS, give us a call and we can let you know if you qualify. We have had successful resolution of cases involving issues such as:

  • IRS lien or levy
  • Denial of earned income tax credit
  • Relief of "Innocent Spouse" liability

Contact Us

For more information concerning the UULITC or to see if you qualify contact us at:

Call Us: 801-236-8053 | Toll Free: 1-888-361-5482

Email: LITC@business.utah.edu

Visit Us: 1453 South Major Street, Salt Lake City, Utah 84115

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