Eccles Experience

Everyone’s experience is different. At the David Eccles School of Business we provide eight undergraduate majors, four MBAs, five other graduate programs, a Ph.D. program, and executive education offerings, providing both breadth and depth of business education experience.

Together, we create the Eccles Experience, which is like no other. Your experience could include working with scientists on creating pioneering medical devices and taking them to the market. It could be taking a business idea and turning it into reality. Your experience could be learning in a state-of-the-art business building or living in a one-of-a-kind on-campus “garage” for student creators.

Your experience at the Eccles School isn’t just sitting in a classroom. You can join clubs, work in student government, vie for prizes in business competitions, volunteer on student-led service projects or cheer on the U’s Pac-12 football team. You won’t just get an education, you’ll gain an experience of a lifetime.

Although your studies and campus activities will keep you busy, there’s plenty to do off-campus. Salt Lake City is home to the Eccles School and it’s one of the most breathtakingly beautiful, culturally diverse and economically vibrant cities in the world. Located less than 30 minutes from seven ski resorts, and less than five hours from several national parks, the University of Utah campus is perched above the blossoming Salt Lake City metropolitan area and nestled in the foothills of the Wasatch Mountains. Utah’s capital is a cultural hub full of a diverse nightlife, dining, art and music options, and it boasts a business environment that’s consistently ranked at the top for job growth and economic prowess.

Speaking of experience, our faculty and instructors have it in spades. Our faculty provides pioneering research and real-world business experience for both the classroom and the boardroom. The Eccles School boasts an internationally renowned faculty — a group of teachers that engages in cutting-edge research that keeps them at the forefront of business knowledge and trends. But their research isn’t done in a vacuum, simply to fill a book or journal article. Our faculty’s research is rooted in real-world business practices and applied across multiple industries annually. Combining that research with our faculty’s wealth of international business experience makes our students the proud beneficiaries of well-founded business principles with decision-making capabilities for our technologically driven, worldwide business environment.

What’s your next experience? Your years studying at the David Eccles School of Business are an opportunity to explore your interests, transform your life and customize your education to reach your academic and career goals. We have a dedicated Undergraduate Career Management Center, Graduate Career Management Center and university-level Career Services office to help you perfect your resume, practice for job interviews and put your best foot forward as you pursue your dream job.

If you are already working, we can help you improve your company, increase your salary and enhance your knowledge, skills and abilities through one of our MBA or Executive Education programs.

If graduate school is your goal, we can help you get there, too. Whatever your next experience is, the David Eccles School of Business can help you prepare and make it a reality.